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global ecommerceThis blog is aimed at providing thought leadership and connecting the legal issues that arise from considerations of privacy, data security, information technology, outsourcing, e-commerce, the Internet and social media, cloud computing, mobile, big data and information management.

Information technology, and the way it is delivered and used, is changing at warp speed. The ever-increasing mobile nature of the information economy and social media’s impact on the Internet and user behavior is earth-shaking. As convergence and mobility proliferate, the challenge to manage and effectively use once unimaginable volumes of data grows exponentially. The legal issues overlaying all of these challenges can be dizzying. Cogent thinking about where it’s all headed is critical.

That’s what Information Counts is all about. It’s a resource to help you get a better handle on the information economy’s many moving parts, how they’re connected, and what really counts.

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